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Founding Concept

Japan grew to become the second largest world economy during the bi-polar, postwar period. With the rise of a new multipolar global economy, Japan faces many new challenges. Although it has become weakened as an economic super power, Japan still has much to contribute to the development of the new globalized economy.
In order for Japan to make significant contributions, it must develop the kind of global business talent that is needed to meet the challenges of rapid, unstoppable, and continuous globalization. To realize the development of such global business talent, close collaboration between business and academic professionals is of vital importance.

The Society of Global Business (SGB) provides a common ground of a united purpose along with a high standard of ethics upon which strong personal relationships can be built. In addition, SGB is to be a place that joins business experience with academic expertise from across fields of social science, humanities, and the natural sciences, to promote the development of business professionals required by a rapidly globalizing economy.