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The Code of Ethics of the Society of Global Business

[Intent and Purpose of the Code]

The Society of Global Business (SGB) hereby establishes the basic principles and philosophy, to be relied upon when conducting research and education on global business and operating the SGB, and as contained in the hereby announced “the Code of Ethics of the Society of Global Business” (the Code).

The Code is a code of ethics that should be kept in mind by all members of the SGB, and members must fully understand and comply with the Code in order to contribute to the development of global business research and to respond to society’s trust in us. Because the subjects of global business research are human beings and social groups, the research shall fully respect the human rights of subjects and take into consideration its impact on society. In addition, education and guidance on global business must be given with careful consideration of ethical issues regarding global business education and research, pursuant to the Code, so as to bring the attention of learners to such issues.

With changes in the awareness of privacy and rights, there have been dramatic changes in recent years regarding society’s perception of research and education. It is impossible to gain the trust of subjects and the understanding of society without the basic principles, such as the social responsibility and ethics of researchers, respect for human rights and protection of subjects’ privacy, and sufficient consideration of the possible loss or disadvantage the research may cause to subjects. Members must be aware, above all, of the purpose and method of and need for the research, and the social influence that it may have.

For the development and qualitative improvement of global business research and education, and for the further development of creative research, the Code is essential for and needed by society. The Code strongly encourages members of SGB to be aware of the ethical issues surrounding global business research and education.

Article 1. Ensuring Fairness and Trust

In conducting research and education on global business, and in operating the SGB, members must strive to maintain fairness and avoid losing the trust of society.

Article 2. Ethical Validity of Research Objectives and Methods

Members must take the social impact into account when considering the ethical validity of research objectives and methods.

Article 3. Acknowledging Diversity

Since SGB is, by its nature, comprised of members with diverse cultural, racial, religious and linguistic backgrounds, members must make efforts to recognize this diversity among them and maintain good relationships with other members.

Article 4. Prohibition of Discrimination

Members must not discriminate against others on the basis of their thoughts and beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, birth, religion, ethnicity, disabilities, family status, etc.

Article 5. Prohibition of Harassment

Members must not engage in sexual harassment, academic harassment or any act that can be regarded as violence or harassment.

Article 6. Protection of Privacy and Respect for Human Rights

In conducting research and surveys, members must pay maximum attention to protect privacy and to respect human rights of subjects.

Article 7. Prohibition of Copyright Infringement

Members must respect the originality of research and must not infringe copyright and other rights of others. Plagiarism, intellectual theft and double posting are also prohibited.

Article 8. Publication of Research Findings

Members must be aware of the public interest in and social responsibilities regarding research, and must strive to publish their research findings and contribute to society.

Article 9. Ensuring Mutual Criticism and Mutual Verification

Members must maintain open attitudes and ensure opportunities for mutual criticism and mutual verification.

Supplemental Provisions

1. The SGB shall establish an “SGB Ethics Committee” in order to respond to questions and to give advice on ethical issues regarding global business research and education.
2. The Code shall be effective from April 1, 2012.
3. Any change to the Code shall be approved by the SGB Executive Committee.