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Mission Statement

The rapidly developing global economy is one in which developing countries are increasingly becoming a dominant source of a highly skilled and educated workforce, production, innovation, investment, and consumption. It is being driven by instant global communication, by inter-government policies to reduce trade barriers and to create multinational economic zones, and by the increasing global reach of multinational enterprises. As a result, national boundaries are becoming less and less important, creating vast challenges and opportunities for domestic economies in Japan and throughout the world.

The Society of Global Business was founded in recognition of the vital role that academic research has in preparing business professionals to face the challenges of the new global economy, particularly academic research in the fields of management, technology, manufacturing, HR, legal, finance, marketing, and public relations (PR).

The mission of SGB is to bring business and academic professionals into close collaboration with counterparties in both Japan and throughout the world to foster the kind of global business professionals required in the new global economy. In addition, SGB seeks to disseminate widely relevant academic research and to network with similar societies throughout the world.