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Bylaws of the Society of Global Business # Please Note: this is an English translation of the original Japanese. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Japanese interpretation of the Bylaws, the Bylaws in Japanese (グローバルビジネス学会会則) are to prevail.

Chapter 1. Name of the Society

Article 1. The name of the Society shall be the Society of Global Business.

Chapter 2. Aim of the Society

Article 2. The Society aims to revitalize the Japanese economy as well as to contribute to global economic development by researching global business, exchanging knowledge and information, and reinforcing collaboration with and between members and related societies both in Japan and overseas.

Chapter 3. Activities of the Society

Article 3. In order to achieve the aims set out in the preceding Article, the Society shall engage in the following activities:

1. Holding National Conventions, workshops, lectures and symposiums.
2. Reporting on and publishing the research results of its members.
3. Promptly communicating with domestic and international researchers through various media channels such as the Internet.
4. Cooperating with related societies and organizations in other countries.
5. Supporting surveys and research.
6. Engaging in education and dissemination activities.
7. Engaging in any other activity deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

Chapter 4. Members

Article 4. The Society consists of domestic and international researchers and businesspersons who have an interest in global business. Individual Members and Student Members are entitled to one vote; Corporate Members are entitled to one vote by their respective representative; Supporting Members are entitled to one vote by their respective representative.

Chapter 5. Membership

Article 5. A prospective member may join the Society upon approval by the Executive Committee.

2. Members shall pay membership dues, which shall be provided for separately.
3. Members may participate in various activities of the Society.

Chapter 6. Supporting Members

Article 6. The Society may appoint Supporting Members. Supporting Members are individuals or organizations supporting and endorsing the aims of the Society, and shall be appointed by the Chairman upon approval of the Executive Committee.

2. Rights of Supporting Members shall be provided for separately.
3. Supporting Members must pay specified membership fees (3 units or more).

Chapter 7. Resignation and Temporary Suspension of Membership

Article 7. A member may resign by submitting his/her resignation in writing to the Executive Committee.

2. In principle, a member who fails to pay dues for three consecutive years or more is subject to revocation of his/her membership.
3. By a resolution of the Executive Committee, the Society may ask any member who has harmed the reputation of the Society to resign.
4. By a resolution of the Executive Committee, a member may temporarily suspend his/her membership with the Society if the member will be unable to participate in the activities of the Society for one year or more, due to public service assignment, overseas assignment outside of Japan, or any other reason.

Chapter 8. Officers

Article 8. The Society shall have the following officers:

1. Chairman (one)
2. President (one)
3. Vice-Chairman (one)
4. Executive Directors (not more than eight)
5. Directors (fifteen or more, including Executive Directors)
6. Councilors
7. Auditors (not more than two)
8. Advisory Board

Article 9. The Chairman shall represent the Society and preside over the affairs of the Society.

Article 10. The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman in presiding over the affairs of the Society, act for the Chairman when the Chairman is absent and perform the Chairman’s duties during a vacancy of the Chairman position.

Article 11. The President shall represent the Executive Directors and preside over research activities of the Society.

Article 12. Executive Directors shall assist the Chairman and Vice-Chairman in presiding over the activities of the Society.

Article 13. Directors shall assist the Executive Directors.

Article 14. Councilors shall assist the Directors with respect to research activities.

Article 15. Auditors shall audit the finances of the Society and the execution of duties by the Officers.

Article 16. Members of the Advisory Board shall be appointed by the President. The Advisory Board may give advice in response to inquiries from the Chairman or any other Officer and, upon the request of the Board, may attend Board meetings to express their opinions.

Article 17. In case of a vacancy in any Officer position, the vacant position shall be promptly filled pursuant to the method of election for the respective positions.

Article 18. The term of office of an Officer shall be three years, and the Officer may be reappointed.

2. The term of the Officer filling a vacancy shall be for the remaining term of his/her predecessor.

Chapter 9. Annual General Meeting

Article 19. The General Meeting of the Society shall be held annually to discuss the following matters:

1. Report regarding the affairs and financial status of the Society.
2. Amendment to the Bylaws based on a proposal of the Executive Committee.
3. Any other important proposals concerning the management of the Society.
4. The Chairman or any other person designated by the Chairman shall preside over the General Meeting.
5. When the Chairman deems it necessary, he/she may convene a special general meeting upon approval of the Executive Committee.

Chapter 10. Executive Committee

Article 20. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman, President, Vice-Chairman and Executive Directors. The Executive Committee shall, in addition to those stipulated in the Bylaws, discuss and decide the necessary matters regarding the affairs and operation of the Society.

Chapter 11. Board

Article 21. The Board shall consist of Chairman, President, Vice-Chairman, Executive Directors and Directors. The Board shall discuss and decide the matters to be reported to General Meetings.

Chapter 12. Council

Article 22. The Council shall consist of Councilors. The Council shall be held from time to time to assist the Board with regard to research activities.

Chapter 13. Committee

Article 23. In order to facilitate the activities of the Society, the Society may establish committees upon the resolution of the Executive Committee.

2. Committee Members shall be appointed by the Chairman upon approval of the Executive Committee.
3. Provisions relating to Officers shall apply mutatis mutandis to the term of office and filling of a vacancy of a Committee Member.

Chapter 14. Resolution

Article 24. Resolution of any meeting provided for in the Bylaws shall be made by a majority of votes of the attending members with voting rights.

2. In the case of a tied vote, the decision shall be made by the chairman of the meeting.

Chapter 15. Secretariat

Article 25. The Society shall have a Secretariat.

Supplemental Provisions

1. The Society shall be established as of April 1, 2012.
2. The office of the Society shall be located at: Shinjuku Gyoenmae Annex 2F, 4-34 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan.
3. The founding Officers of the Society shall be, regardless of provisions in Article 8 through 17, those listed in the separate list of Officers. The term of such Officers shall be until March 31, 2015.