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Yasuchika Hasegawa
Chairman of the Association of Corporate Executives, and President of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
he world is in the midst of great change.
The driving force of economic growth has shifted significantly from the developed countries of Japan, the United States and Europe to the emerging countries, especially the so called BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India and China……[...continue]
Toru Hashimoto
former president of Fuji Bank, and former chairman of the International Christian University
From deep in my heart I applaud the establishment of the Society of Global Business.
As our country’s business activities become rapidly global, there is a pressing need for developing global business talent, and given the current state of our society……[...continue]
Teijiro Furukawa
former Chief Cabinet Secretary
When Co-Chairman Inoue invited me to participate in the founding of the Society, the idea of a society centered on global business resonated in me, and I look forward to participating from time to time, as this is an important opportunity to exchange ideas……[...continue]
Iwasaki Tetsuo
former Chief Cabinet Secretary
I have spent about 40 years working in the U.S. in and around Silicon Valley. In that time, the semiconductor industry has given birth to five major technologies, which for better or worse, have both benefited and transformed society……[...continue]