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Iwasaki Tetsuo, Chairman of GPI and former chairman of Applied Materials, Inc.

I have spent about 40 years working in the U.S. in and around Silicon Valley. In that time, the semiconductor industry has given birth to five major technologies, which for better or worse, have both benefited and transformed society, namely: cloud computing, the internet, the PC, software, and e-commerce. The impact is something that could not have been imagined. Desire and human dreams fueled by new technology have acted as the mother of creation of these five new major industries. As a graphic example of just how enormous this technological achievement is, the contents of the entire library collection of New York State can be housed in a semiconductor chip the size of a sugar cube from which searches for knowledge can be made instantly from anywhere in the world for a cost of almost nothing. Our age, where technological development allows us to order from our living rooms all that we can wish for, has created an eco-industrial-system noticeably different from that of past ages.

We have now entered a world in which boundaries have given way to a seamless world. Without exception, communities in all industrial countries are affected. Companies trying to adapt to this change from within the traditional business model without following new models will not survive. Even as the world becomes more seamless, I think it is desirable to find a hybrid model that mixes both the global and the local. While finding a new model is not easy with the uncertainty of the future direction of key elements, I would like to contribute toward a creating a hybrid model by participating in the Society of Global Business as it works to develop global business talent, which is one necessary step in realizing a hybrid model.